Our Dishes

Selection of Tuscan salami with aromatic herbs crispy bread slices €15
Our selecion of pecorino cheeses three different aged from Pienza served with homemade jam, honey, balsamic vinegar and fresh fruit€15
Raw ham from Tuscany and buffalo mozzarella€15
Buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes€14
Our selection of Tuscan  salami, pecorino cheese and bruschette €29
Florentine soup€12
Homemade tagliatelle pasta,with with porcini mushrooms from Tuscany€14
Garganelli pasta with seasonal local vegetables€13
Ravioli (homemade stuffed pasta) with potatoes filling, sausage sauce €14
Ravioli (homemade stuffed pasta) with pecorino cheese filling with garlic, oil and chili pepper sauce€14
Eggplant Parmesan style€16
Brased Pork Cheek, Cinta Senese breed, wit soft potatoes with rosemary€20
Typical Tuscan stew beef served with roast potatoes€18
Beef carpaccio Chianina breed with mix seasonal salad,olive oil and lemon €18
Della Torre big salad with mix seasonal salad, cherry tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, olives and Buffalo mozzarella €13
Selection of fresh salads€ 6
Roasted potatoes with aromatic herbs€ 6
Sautéed spinachees€ 6
Dark chocolate flan with soft heart and vanilla ice cream€8
Pineapple carpaccio marinated in Tuscan white wine Vermentino, served with vanilla ice cream €8
Cheesecake parfait and berries€8
Typical tuscany biscuits whit sweet wine€8